Nice article mate, very thought-provoking. Red is almost more anti-villain than anti-hero. I think that (along with the way Carlos drew her) was a big part of why she struck such a cord with 13 (or however old I was) year old me. I like that you show how her addiction consumes her despite herself. Vampirism should be like that, in much the same way that heroine addiction propelled Kurt Cobain, or Lou Reed, et al.

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It’s curious how much some folks want the grey characters to be a hero. But also in how much some get away with doing bad things. Dredd has committed atrocities but that’s waved away by many. Yet the new Red has seemingly proven more divisive, because, what, we see her true nature?

I enjoyed the piece above, which deftly provides context for your decisions in the strip. And bar a couple of moments (notably the off-screen killing of a young girl – understandable within the strip, but as a father of a youngling something I increasingly react against in fiction), I’ve found this soft reboot very successful. If nothing else, not treating Red like a pin-up and giving her the brick shithouse build she’d need for the job moved Red a long way in the right direction for me. But the stories themselves and the current icky villain have taken things much further.

Looking forward to the Hachette HC, which I’ll definitely be picking up.

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