Thanks Alex, this was super informative. Are you going to Thoughtbubble? I'd be happy to buy you a beer or 6 if you happen to have a spare five minutes 😉.

I've always found comics can be limited in delivering truly scary horror, despite being a fan of horror comics. But then I discovered Junji Ito and that changed my mind. Scott Snyder has done some good horror in comics, albeit more Stephen King-esq than M.R. James or H.P. Lovecraft.

Interesting what you say about the page turn, because Ito is a master of that. I mostly read digital and think that guided view could be used perfectly for that purpose and could even deliver jump scares. But that's only available on kindle and most comic collectors don't read digital.

Congrats on the Storm King strips. I didn't think they were available in the UK, and they don't offer digital but I'll keep my eyes peeled.


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Dec 2, 2022Liked by Alec Worley

Incidentally, that MR James quote about stories being set in the writer's own day is why I wish the traditional BBC Christmas adaptations of his stories weren't invariably done as period pieces. I feel present-day adaptations would be much more faithful to the spirit of James's work.

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